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Monday, April 24, 2006

Cello Maniac

Well, the Web, broadband and near-universal access are unleashing volcano storms of creativity across the planet. No longer governed by the top-down ethos of news-editor, tv-producer, and radio-announcer, taste and choice are returning to the kingdom of the individual - we can choose what and when we eat our media meals.

As first witness for the prosecution, I cite Ethan Winer, digital mixer and performer extraordinaire. If you only do one artistic thing today, please make it this.

Watch the mindblowing Cello Rondo here.

Well-Tempered Online

Well, the Well Tempered Klavier seems to be in some sort of Cosmic Resonance today, where-ever I turn, all roads lead back to Bach. Now, you wouldn't believe the number of recordings I have of this work, there is indeed a Well Tempered Record Record Collection secret society, and I put myself around number 2 on the Liszt. Before you give up reading this addled post, there really is a point to all this ramble ramble, and that is a very useful link, one I use myself quite often.

The University of Indiana has made some very cautious forays into the realm of scanned sheet music, and some of these are open public, others restricted to on-campus use. It's their gifts to the world, and Bach's Greatest Gift, The Well Tempered, that have me all tongue tied and twisted.

Their extremely simple non-PDF web interface is ultra-fast, and they must have take photostats of the original printing plates, because the images are almost flawless. A handy complement to any hard copy edition you might have.

The Well-Tempered Online is here.