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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Red Radio Bartok

Classical Radio stations are out there in their dozens. Most face issues of homogeneity, reliability, and sense of purpose. State-run stations usually offer the best trade-off between on-demand presence and wide program offerings. Community stations can be vibrant, though the experience can really be destroyed by mid-air gaffes and collapses.

My current fav internet station is Radio Bartok, an appropriately named offering from Hungary. It's their national broadcaster, and the whole presentation is very clean. Just ignore the Magyar if you can, and focus on the quality serves of music.

Listen to Radio Bartok here.

Well Tempered Analysis

Well, it must be at least 48 hours since I've used the term "Well Tempered" in any post, and I'm feeling starting to feel the effects. Whenever I go to type, well, the letters start w, then e, an l, another l, and before you know it, well, there's a "well" on the screen, and I'm trapped into a certain mode of thought, and the possession by Bach begins anew.

Well, as much as I love and have studied this work, it continues to hold mysteries, and new connections inside, between, and thoughout the different pieces continue to pop this mind into awe.

Siglind Bruhn, a good German, the right sort of person for the job, has been equally well consumed by the Passion. Her analytical study of the Well-Tempered dates from 1993, and a version was transcribed for the Web a couple of years ago. It is there for you to excite and be raptured.

Get your mind expanded into funny new shapes by reading here.