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Monday, May 01, 2006

Mass in B Minor Glory

Well, the University of Indiana continue to innovate regards making classical resources available to all online. A little tipoff, and I'm listening to this glorious chamber version of Bach's B-Minor Mass. The work has a gigantic structure, and is really a Cathedral of Sound. Perchance you see a hardcopy score, you'll know what I mean. All vocal and instrumental combinations are rotated and cycled, and core ideas are permuted and re-presented at key points in this two-hour Journey to the Infinite.

The performance was preceded by a Christoff Wolf academic lecture on the genesis, history, and structure of the B-Minor Mass. This can be listened to separately, and will please those who enjoyed his books "Bach: The Learned Musician" and "The New Bach Reader", both solid works.

The B-Minor Mass is one of the crowning glories of Classical Music, a spiritual homage, monumental scope. Beauty, perfection, tearful - here.

Marriage of Figaro Birthday

Well, May the First, here we are, a one third into the year double o six, and what can we celebrate? Seeing as it's a Mozart year, and the boy/man hasn't received a dedicated posting, it's about due. 220 years today, on May 1, 1786 in Vienna was the premiere night of that greatest of opera buffas, le nozze di figaro, or as it's much better known to you and me, The Marriage of Figaro. It's confused plot of paired philandering couples leaves me prostrated in an easy-chair, and I feel like hitting a tab of acid. The plot comes in 4 acts, and seems full of people hiding in cupboards and under chairs, and locking doors and shouting - quite childish, very Mozart. Forgive the little pest, he wrote some good tunes, and the overture lives an independent, immortal life. Have a listen to this oddball Midi arrangement, just click here.