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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Suzuki Method

Start them young, and learning will be natural and easy. That is the basis of the philosophy of the Suzuki Method, a way of training children to become skillful and joyful musicians. I must say, even though I was never exposed to Suzuki, I am rather partial to the basic tenets of his approach. The key elements are: play musical pieces rather than etudes, play by ear than by page, regular ensemble performances, constant refinement of learnt repertoire, and above all, promoting a love of the music.

Shinichi Suzuki, the man himself, is quite an interesting character. His father owned a violin factory, he went to Germany to do advanced training, where he became a buddy of Albert Einstein, returned to Japan and started a string quartet group, then began his famous path of music teaching and pedagogy. A great life of 99 years.

The Suzuki Institute of Seattle has a nice site, with separate streams for piano, violin, cello, and voice. If only I was three years old again! Click here.

Hottest Women in Classical Music

Some people, like me, and others un-named out there, just have too much free time. The devil's playground, and the internet is a chaotic maelstrom, idle souls flickering from one google search to another.

And what a find we have today! courtesy of a certain Greg, it's the hottest women in classical music. That's right, the site is called Beauty in Music, and has all your favourite babes ordered by instrument. There are the Cello Sweets, Lady Violas, and of course The Sopranos. I've got the Labeque Sisters over there on the left.

Just one question, if Hildegard von Bingen can make this page, where's Jessica Duchen?

Look for Jessica Duchen here.